Likoma by the numbers.

WordPress Websites built
Years loving and building in WordPress
Emails communicating directly with clients
Made-up number on this list
Clients and long-term relationships
Client sites hacked
Favorite theme
Themes on ThemeForest. Have fun with that.
Plugins on Which ones do you need?
Of all websites built in WordPress. Who’s #2? Who knows.
Minutes I’ve spent using custom code on this home page
Clients of ours who switched from WordPress to Squarespace
Clients who switched from WP to Squarespace and back to WP
The maximum number of little counter boxes I can put in here before my partner tells me to stop
Help videos posted on YouTube

We have a different approach at Likoma.


We want to empower you with content independence.

When we're done, you shouldn't need us to help you anymore.

It’s not our goal to hold updates to your site as ransom. We want to offer you the independence to do it yourself. When you buy a car, the mechanic doesn’t drive around with you after he changes the oil.


You should love your site.

So much in love that you like to secretly open the page to look at it.

It’s your site, after all. You should actually like visiting it. A lot. Let’s make it happen.


You should feel comfortable with editing and updating your site.

Keep it simple.

If your site is so complicated that we have to hire 8 engineers for a week, who does that serve? (Well, the engineers.) Let’s KISS and make it right.
I don’t really recommend this on a live site, but I’m playing around with a new theme. Website designers will do that, just play around on a live site. You’re witnessing it right now. Crazy, risky, daring!

You website owners out there, don’t do this with your own site! You might stumble on something you like! A feature you’ve never used before! You might put up photos of completely irrelevant things (like flowers), but just put them up because it’s easy and fun.

Wait, did you say you were having fun putting together this site?

The cobbler has no shoes and this website has no landing page. Funny, that. Working on it. Or not. Below, above, poke around, there’s some good stuff in here.

We do WordPress and only WordPress. In fact, the more we do, the more we’re holding closer to standards. They’re good for the long term. We’re in it for the long haul. If you are too, check out our portfolio and see if there’s something you like and we can talk.

See these links for a bit more about Likoma Island, or recent news or what new plugins I like or I’m using.

Bradley Charbonneau and Likoma approach websites like a combination artist, cyberwizard and stone mason. They make it so easy to navigate, change images and text, and create websites of rare beauty and utility.
Author of 14 books and all an all-around superstar. David Henry Sterry, The Book Doctors

Recent Posts

He took my half-thought, half-digested rubbish of an idea and turned it into a sleek, “simple is beautiful” website.

I’m a huge fan of Google Apps for Email. Why?

Partly because you’ll never call me for email support. But the not-so-hidden message there? You won’t call anyone for email support because you won’t need it.

Learn More about Google Apps for Work … and how you can save $10/user/year with a coupon!
Bradley is a great teacher and communicator (extremely rare for a tech savant!). His video tutorials and patient explanations make the process of adding to and administering my website easy and non-frustrating.

Recent Work

  • New York Photographer

New York Photographer Goes to Avada Theme

Michael Radassao upgrades to Avada.

  • Sideways Incentives
  • Sideways Incentives
  • Sideways Incentives
  • Sideways Incentives

Sideways Incentives

Parallax scrolling website for a local travel incentive agency.

  • Home page options galore with video backgrounds, easy-to-use titles and captions.


Who decides what's impossible or possible?

  • Zeimer's Advertising Shoppe upgrades to WOO Themes Canvas

Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe Upgrades to WOO Themes Canvas

With WOO Themes Canvas, we had more layout, function, and design options.

  • California People of Faith Working Against the Death Penalty

California People of Faith Working Against the Death Penalty

No WordPress, no easy content updates.

Bradley removes the mystery of web development and makes the process an enjoyable, learning experience. He has the ability work with clients at their own level of understanding and his presentation is easily digestible. I have worked with many consultants and find that in most cases, their goal is to keep knowledge to themselves and create dependence. Bradley is the opposite. He is a teacher of as much or as little as you want to know. Before Bradley came along, I did not know anything about web design. I now am able to manage our company site and rank high on search engines because of his patience and skill. He is extremely generous with his time and creative talent and will work tirelessly to ensure that the client ends up with the finished product they envisioned.Our business has worked with Likoma many times over the last several years and I cannot imagine working with anyone else!
Jen McCarthyJen McCarthy, Business Capital