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Is the best WordPress backup solution … no backup solution?

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You can deal with it yourself or make it completely out of sight, out of mind.

Can we name our company anything we want if it’s the greatest name ever?

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If you have a story behind it, it might just work.

Gravity Forms vs. Google Forms

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There's one feature Google Forms doesn't have.

Stuck getting your WordPress site live? Have you thought of Squarespace?

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Stop the struggle.

What does a Post Office and a Domain Registrar have in common?

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Oh, did your website go down? Here's why.

How To Choose a WordPress Theme

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Your eyes are glazed over, your coffee is cold and almost empty and you're not sure you're any better off than when you started your search. You turn to your trusty dog, half-asleep at your feet, and ask, "Rudolf, how do I choose a WordPress theme?"

Disclaimer: we’re going to have fun building your brand. If you’re not ready to have fun with it, hold off contacting us until you’re ready.

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Author of 14 books and all an all-around superstar.
Bradley Charbonneau and Likoma approach websites like a combination artist, cyberwizard and stone mason. They make it so easy to navigate, change images and text, and create websites of rare beauty and utility.
David Henry Sterry, The Book Doctors
He took my half-thought, half-digested rubbish of an idea and turned it into a sleek, “simple is beautiful” website.
Gayle Keck
Bradley is a great teacher and communicator (extremely rare for a tech savant!). His video tutorials and patient explanations make the process of adding to and administering my website easy and non-frustrating.
Jen McCarthy
Bradley removes the mystery of web development and makes the process an enjoyable, learning experience. He has the ability work with clients at their own level of understanding and his presentation is easily digestible. I have worked with many consultants and find that in most cases, their goal is to keep knowledge to themselves and create dependence. Bradley is the opposite. He is a teacher of as much or as little as you want to know. Before Bradley came along, I did not know anything about web design. I now am able to manage our company site and rank high on search engines because of his patience and skill. He is extremely generous with his time and creative talent and will work tirelessly to ensure that the client ends up with the finished product they envisioned.Our business has worked with Likoma many times over the last several years and I cannot imagine working with anyone else!
Jen McCarthy, Business Capital

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