Clean, lean and stunning: a San Francsico health practitioner uses the power of Avada to take his health and well-being practice to the next level.

Let’s break it down real simple:

  1. Be Well
  2. Be Strong
  3. Be Great

Hmm, sums it up for me. Andreas Schwerte is more than an acupuncturist and he wanted to bring out that “larger than self” brand through his website. With some carefully selected photography and a reorganization of his content, we have a professional but passionate play of his strengths.

Read his testimonials: he transforms people. They couldn’t have a baby, then they have a baby. They didn’t believe in any of “this eastern medicine stuff,” now they swear by it.

“Your work activates the healer within and allows the body to find its natural balance. What a wonderful feeling.”

It just goes on and on. His work was transforming people so we brought his website up to the same stratosphere that he deserves. Go check out his new site and let us know what you think. If you need any help with, well, any health issue, at least give Andreas a try.