It’s exciting when someone actually uses many of the features of a premium WordPress theme.

Lots of people are intrigued by the gazillion features of the premium WordPress themes, but most people use only a tiny fraction of what it offers. It’d be like getting the biggest Swiss army knife and using only the nail file. Not even the knife or, much more important, the corkscrew!

Patti Conklin’s marketing team and I went to great lengths to use as much of the fabulous Avada theme as we could. Not just to use a feature to use a feature, but if we wanted to get a certain message across, what Avada feature is already available that we could use off the shelf to make it happen? As was always the case, there was plenty to choose from.

Why reinvent the (WordPress) wheel?

There are some powerful WordPress themes out there. There are also companies fully dedicated to building themes that are well constructed, maintained and updated. All of this so that you and I don’t have to worry about it. We can just click an “Update Theme” button once in a while and call it a work day.

Ideally, we should use the power that’s already available to us and just give it style and message and action. When you buy a house do you tear down the walls and rebuild them yourself? Sure, if it’s a fixer upper and you actually like that sort of thing. Or maybe, by chance, you’re actually good at or remotely possibly, better at it than the original contractor. Hey, have at it.

But if you just want a beautiful house that works where you can move in and maybe paint the walls and hang your art, you’re going to find a house that’s already well built and decorate yourself. Your first day in there you can already use it.

That’s how I see premium themes for WordPress. Let the developers do the hard work and let’s work on your brand. What’s the message you have for your visitors? How are you helping them and is it clear?

Patti Conklin and her team have put together a beautiful, functional and easily-updateable site. Check our the Avada theme in action over at