Cascading Style Sheets

How To Choose a WordPress Theme

Your eyes are glazed over, your coffee is cold and almost empty and you're not sure you're any better off than when you started your search. You turn to your trusty dog, half-asleep at your feet, and ask, "Rudolf, how do I choose a WordPress theme?"

CSS Gradient Generator

Using CSS gradients, you can get that slick Photoshopped look without the images or even Photoshop.

Hey, I found a great theme!

"Hey, I found this fantastic theme! Can you customize it?" Of course I can. But it's analogous to going to the house contractor and saying, "Hey, I saw this gorgeous house. Can you build it?

Responsive Design

Responsive Design. What does it mean? In my non-techy world, that the design (of the website) adapts to the screen it's on. So that if you have a monster widescreen, an iPhone or a laptop, the screen adjusts accordingly.

Genesis Simple Hooks

Genesis Simple Hooks basically let you put content, code, or whatever you want into places that only developers have dared gone before.


I seem to almost go back to the drawing board every time I'm looking for a new theme (layout/design) for a client. Working together with Lauren Deane for a current client, we found a theme that the client was going to love.

Thesis WordPress Theme

The Thesis Theme for WordPress is a high-quality template system that you can use to improve your site immediately.

StudioPress WordPress Themes

Brian Gardner over at (what's now called) StudioPress has a beautiful collection of professional WordPress themes for sale. He updates them regularly and has a broad collection with a variety of applications (real estate, photo galleries, etc.).

Browser Shots

A client said her site looked wonky in Internet Explorer 5.5. Of course, my first reaction is, "Internet Explorer 5.5? Well ... " But I was determined to see if it'd be an easy fix. Otherwise, I'd tell her that 0.00238% of the population uses that browser and ... " You get the idea. The [...]

CSS Cheat Sheet

Here's a quick reference guide to CSS tricks and terms. From floats to divs and padding and margins to overflow and display.

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