Stuck getting your WordPress site live? Have you thought of Squarespace?

You want a live site, I get it. But you’re struggling with technical issues. Stop the struggle.

Calgon, take me away!

I’m in lots of Facebook groups and forums where I see so many beginners struggling to get their WordPress site live. They’re usually trying to go it on their own, they’re resourceful enough to know to ask for help in FB groups and in forums, but they just can’t get it to work. What can they do?

Note that I used to run a WordPress design and development agency and I’m recommending Squarespace. Odd, right? No, I really just want you and your site to be up and running.

Where can they turn? Who can help them? How much of a budget do they have? When do they want to go live? How important is it that their site is perfect versus that it’s live?

There’s Help (for WordPress or Squarespace)

If you’re going to go the WordPress route, you might try a service like WP Curve. They have a team that can help you out for $79 per month. If you shop around for any other humans to help you, that’s a bargain.

But why not try Squarespace? I have no affiliation with them. I get no commissions, no work, no nada. I just want your site to go live and for you to stop banging your head on your keyboard. They have a company. They have a phone number you can call. There are small companies who can help you for reasonable fees (Make a Tiny Website). Here’s a tip for you writers out there trying to get started:

Dear Writers, your keyboard is for writing books, not code and design. Stop the madness and open a Squarespace account. That is all.

If you want to move to WP later, great, export or even copy and paste. It’s possible. But why start the race without really starting? Get those roadblocks out of the way and get back to what you were supposed to be doing: building your brand.

P.S. I would offer to help, but I Don’t Do That Anymore.


About the Author:

I've done the big corporate thing. I've done the creative writer thing. Now I'm happily in the middle. I like to help small businesses who are interested in "working their website before their website works them." I'm also interested in creating beautiful sites with powerful WordPress themes. Google+


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