How do you know what time? How do you know what place?

I was on Twitter this morning at 8:43 for about two minutes. So if:

  1. I follow you,
  2. You posted between 8:43 am and 8:45 am

I might have seen it. Then of course, the Tweet has to:

  1. Be interesting enough to catch my attention,
  2. Intrigue me (enough) to think about clicking,
  3. Promise some sort of ROI for my click.

Then I’d have to commit to even more action: like, retweet, comment, share, etc.

And all that started if you tweeted this morning around 8:44.

This is why advertisers blanket markets with ads again and again. If you happen to be in front of those ads several times, you wonder why they keep bombarding you. But chances are that most people only saw it once–if at all.

This is just Twitter. What about Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat and countless others I don’t even know about.

What’s your strategy? Do you have one? Do you lightly touch on each channel or focus on just one? Which one(s) feel right? Have you tried them out and tested where you get the most bang for your buck? Where do you get feedback? Which ones get people to buy your product? Others that just make you feel good?

It’s not a topic to take lightly if you’re serious about making an impact. If you need some help, help is out there.