They advertised as if this were a great thing: thousands of themes to choose from! But is it so great?

But “thousands” is actually too much choice. Do you want to give me meaningful choice? Give me “dozens” of themes. Or maybe even “handfuls” of themes. No one has time to look through thousands of anything. Much less do any sort of helpful comparison of the differences. How can you compare so many things? You can’t.

If you had a grid or a chart, it would probably max out the number of cells to compute! Forget just the numbers, it’s just not fun.

Trader Joe’s

If I go to a giant supermarket, a big-box monster, I can choose from too many kinds of peanut butter. But what if there were a place where I could go that would give me a choice between the basic features of the product and then didn’t have a “choice” beyond that? What if they just had creamy and nutty? That was it? Do you want nutty peanut butter or do you want creamy peanut butter?

[quote]Do you want creamy or nutty peanut butter? [/quote]

But I like (no, love) Trader Joe’s. I’m biased. I like being in there. I like their peanut butter. I don’t even care so much if it’s nutty or creamy. But it’s even a pleasure to choose because the choice occurred when I walked in the front door. I’m not choosing which brand of peanut butter, I’m choosing which store to shop in. Then I’m just going to use what they have on offer and I’m going to trust them and I’m going to be OK with my decision.

WOO Themes

I truly started out this post with peanut butter in mind, but this being a WordPress site and all …

I’ve had it with shopping for themes. I don’t want to sift through thousands or even hundreds of themes. At this point, if you’ve been following WPU, I’m pretty happy with my choice of a single theme (WOO Themes Canvas). Is it the best theme? Is it the only theme? No, of course not. But it’s a good one. I also know it well. Aha, but here comes the twist, because I now know it well, I like it more and more. But it also helps me know its limitations. I know what it can do but I also know what it can’t do. It makes life (read: business) easier for both me and the client. “Oh, can it do feature XYZ?” “No.” “Oh, OK.” Done, clear, move onto next topic.

Shop for Features

Back to peanut butter. What are our options, really? Creamy, nutty, got that. Organic. Sure. What about almond butter? That’s an option, but it does taste different. Maybe it’s not the same thing. Do you want peanut butter or are you open to anything that will go on your slice of bread? What are you really looking for at the end of the day? Peanut butter or a spreadable something for your sandwich? When you answer that question, that helps you make your decision.

I like creamy.

How much choice is too much choice? When does it become a blur?

How much choice is too much choice? When does it become a blur?