There are lots of great modules in Jetpack, but not all of them. Turn them off.

Deactivate one by one.

Deactivate one by one.

I’m a fan of Jetpack and all of its modules. But there is some chatter on the airwaves that they might slow down your WordPress site. True? Unfounded? Who knows. But in a way, who cares: just play it safe and deactivate them if you’re not using them.

[box type=”alert”]Annoying: All of Jetpack’s modules are activated by default. Gee, thanks.[/box]

I really like Jetpack’s stats, so I’m going to install Jetpack on sites that I build. There are also some really nice plugins like Publicize and the surprisingly-well-featured Mosaic tiled photo galleries and the like. Plus they keep adding new features and I guess I’m just of the opinion that because it’s built by Automattic (the creator of WordPress) it’s going to be good, reliable, fast, and not break things. Plus, if it really slowed things down so much, wouldn’t there be such an uproar from the WP community? Why not just get some better hosting. ;-)

WordPress superstar Mark Jaquith created a plugin to help you deactivate those Jetpack modules: Manual Control for Jetpack.

Just turn off the ones you don't want.

Just turn off the ones you don’t want.