Want a page of testimonials? How about a widget in the sidebar?

Testimonials by WOO Themes

This is an excellent plugin that lets you add testimonials easily to a sidebar or footer.

Sure, you could format an image, a URL, and a quote and put it all in the sidebar, but WOO is doing that for you with this plugin.

[box type=”info”]WOO has now replaced the Feedback feature built into Canvas with this plugin Testimonials by WOO Themes.[/box]

To use Testimonials, download it from the WP plugin warehouse, activate it and use the new Testimonials custom post type. You can add the author’s name, (Gravatar) email address which provides their Gravatar (image) if they have one, a featured image if they don’t have a Gravatar, a corresponding URL, and a byline.

You can also create categories and then choose (using the accompanying widget) where to show which categories. Let’s say you have testimonials for certain products, you could show the testimonials for each product only on those product pages.

[box type=”alert”]Did we lose the rotating testimonials widget? The Feedback feature of Canvas used to have it. Hopefully they’ll bring it back cuz it was kinda cool. :-*([/box]

Formatting and layout leave a bit to be desired. You can customize your content of the actual quote (a bit). But placement of Gravatar and quote and byline are pretty much out of the box … unless you know your CSS or worse, want to change core plugin files. See below.

Rather have the image first and then the quote? Here’s how.

We all would rather not ever edit core files, but until I can figure out a CSS or Filters fix, this is all I could find.

Testimonials by WOO Themes

Out of the box, the image is down below.

Testimonials by WOO Themes

If you’d like the author image up above, you’ll probably need to change a core plugin file.


Change line 88 of woothemes-testimonials-template.php from:

$tpl = '<div id="quote-%%ID%%" class="%%CLASS%%"> <blockquote class="testimonials-text">%%TEXT%%</blockquote>%%AVATAR%%%%AUTHOR%%<div class="fix"></div></div>';


$tpl = '<div id="quote-%%ID%%" class="%%CLASS%%">%%AVATAR%%<blockquote class="testimonials-text">%%TEXT%%</blockquote>%%AUTHOR%%<div class="fix"></div></div>';