Change the width of a sidebar or the content area. Just like that.

WOO Canvas Layout ManagerIf you have any HTML or any web design experience, you’ll (1) be impressed that WOO made this so easy and (2) thrilled that you don’t have to make the 283 changes to the CSS and code to make it all work right.

[box type=”info”]Go ask your developer to change the width of a sidebar and keep the site intact, keep it responsive, and not charge you $700. [/box]

Basically, WOO is enabling us to drag and drop the width of the content area and accompanying sidebars, save, and change the width of the site. With a whole bunch of math and percentages behind the scenes, WOO lets us change the width of our content areas on the fly (and on the sly). Too wide? Too narrow? Just drag it back.

Yes, you’ll want to make sure that your widgets and content agree with your changes, but go check them out and then come back and make your adjustments. You’re done.

This feature was until recently in beta and was called something like Layout Manager. They’ve simplified it to just Layout and you’ll find it at its own link under the main Canvas sidebar link in your WP admin.

Just drag and drop to change something so difficult ... you don't want to know.

Just drag and drop to change something so difficult … you don’t want to know.