Is that not a Canvas theme!?

The shock, the horror!

I know, I know, what was I thinking? But we wanted Parallax and Canvas can’t yet do Parallax. Parallax is a fancy scrolling mechanism popular in single-page sites where the content scrolls down at different speeds producing a cool effect beyond just … a scrolling page.

The theme we chose, Salient, is loaded with features, but as often happens with these themes that are loaded with features is that they are hard (if not impossible) to customize. I longed for some of the easy-to-use customizations in Canvas (e.g. even just changing the Heading 3 font!), but we made do and the final site is a beauty … but I have to admit, it’s mostly due to excellent photo selection by super star marketer Travis Culwell and some custom-designed artwork. Yep, that’ll make the difference (almost) every time.