When Annie Kay approached us to build a new site, we knew it was going to be a stunner. She already had the hard part done: good content, a book, services and products galore.

Ideas for the Art of Integrative Lifestyle

We worked together to find just the right imagery, color, tone, and feel to the site to make it shine but also make it approachable. We wrangled Google Web Fonts and colors to match her products and books, we found photography to bring life and vibrancy to the site and even brought in a great color transparency CSS trick to let some of those images filter through the body area. We imported content from her old WP site and it’s now ready to add featured images and excerpts to bring it up to speed with the new site.

The site is a pleasure to look at–and was a pleasure to work on. Keep an eye on Annie for the latest on “Ideas for the Art of Integrative Lifestyle” at Every Bite is Divine.

She’s already producing. Her latest post is called, “The mental game of holiday health” and an excerpt:

Navigating the holidays while keeping your healthy lifestyle intact takes planning (of the mental and physical kind), and a compassionate mindset toward your own self-care. Be realistic: aim for maintaining your current weight rather than losing through the holidays, and emphasize the fun side of health whenever it’s available – which is quite a bit. Taking walks with family, dancing and playing with the munchkins or fur-faces of your clan are all ways to work a little activity into the party.