Neetu Ahluwalia

Neetu Ahluwalia (“Dr A.”) didn’t want to look like every other doctor’s site. I think we got that covered: Lauren Deane Evans (Good Looking Ideas) took this site to the next level with a home page that flows with a wave of water (and subtle messaging).

It’s also another example of the skill it takes with stock images. A regular mortal might have done searches for “doctor” or, more likely “San Francisco bridge,” but that’s why Lauren is worth the big bucks. You can’t just buy that foresight, it takes training, experience, and talent. Talent takes even longer.

It’s also another example of why I am┬áprivileged to work together with such stars. It’d be an interesting exercise, maybe a American Idol of art direction, to give 10 artists the same same topic and the same pool of stock imagery and see what they come up with. Maybe I should hold such a competition.

So poke around Neetu’s site and check out the stock photography, the design, the layout, and the whole package and take it all in and think, “What might Bradley & Lauren do with my ideas?”



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