How’d they do that? A tricked-out site demystified.

There seems to be quite the bag of tricks that went into building David Henry Sterry’s new site. Well, there is, but I’ll tell you what’s inside.

The more I use WOO Canvas, the more I think, “Well, that wasn’t so complicated.” With a smart collection of powerful and reliable plugins and Canvas’s own overflowing chest of power tools, what might look like a complicated and technical site didn’t have a smidgen of code … unless you count the RGB color numbers for the semi-transparent background for the content. (Update: and the bit to get the search bar into the nav.)

[box type=”info”]Did we customize this site so much that it’ll be rendered useless at the next WordPress upgrade? Uh, no. [/box]

The video walks you through the steps and here’s a list of tricks and plugins used in David Henry Sterry’s wizbang new site:

  • Justified Image Grid: posts in a grid just like Pinterest or Flickr. Add featured image to your posts, it’s ready.
  • Background Manager: a powerful background tool that lets you have multiple sets of images for different pages on your site. Easy to work with. Unbelievable that it’s free.
  • Semi-transparent backgrounds: check out #8 on WOO Canvas CSS Tweaks: Semi-Transparent Colors in WOO Canvas Elements. You can do wonders just knowing this little bit of CSS trickery.
  • Business Slider Template: a WOO Canvas standard, but it all depends on the photos you use.
  • WOO Tabs: these are always a favorite … especially if you have popular content with great imagery.
  • Search bar in main navigation: yup, a little code in the right place and your search bar is out of your way–but useful.

Check out to see for yourself what Canvas, a few plugins, and some wild photography can do.

There's a bag of tricks that went into building this site. But they're not secret.

There’s a bag of tricks that went into building this site. But they’re not secret.


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    […] How’d they do that? A tricked-out site demystified. (Sep 14) […]

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    Gorgeous and also very cool!

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