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We can chalk this up to “Why I’m Only Using WordPress Themes from Reputable Companies” list. I wrote up a quick note (as well as submitted a Wish List item to their development team) about, “WOO Canvas is Now Responsive! But what if I don’t want responsive?

[quote]Update: Feb 2013: wow, they did it. They just added a simple checkbox in the admin section to remove responsive design! Go WOO![/quote]

They had a workaround and some code to put in. What I really wanted was just a button in their admin panel that could turn on or off the “responsive” design aspects of the CSS and Javascript. That’s probably too dangerous of a button to have there for anyone to try to figure out, so they made it a step easier (especially if you know how to edit the functions.php file. The code is here:

  1. add_action( 'init', 'woo_load_responsive_design_removal' );

Since 5.0.13, you can now just add a single line of code to your functions.php file and voila, Canvas is no longer responsive! You might ask why I didn’t want a responsive design especially since I’ve written up that it’s all the rage (Responsive Design Main Takeaway at WordCamp 2012Responsive Design and Mobile Plugins for WordPress), but for some sites where we do quite a bit of custom design, the responsiveness wasn’t working so well. For example, we’d get fancy with moving around the navigation and then when it went responsive, it wouldn’t work as advertised.

There’s a 25+ team at WOO who work only on WordPress themes and plugins

Sure, I can hack a way into making it work, but it’s going to be that: a hack. An upgrade might break things. Better to have it fixed at core. I submitted a request, many others might have too, and they fixed it. Imagine that! It’s another reason why I want a “real company” behind the products and services I’m using.

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