With WOO Themes Canvas, we had more layout, function, and design options.

Gil Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe site gets a good amount of traffic. Gil is a prolific copywriter who specializes in, well, whatever the client needs. He’s done a ton of work in healthcare copywriting, but is a quick learner for whatever topic you might need.

His old theme was a good old theme—bit like an old dog. But it was time to go and he didn’t have easy layout options like he’ll have with Canvas. Now he can even update the slider on the home page (using Canvas’s built-in slider). I hope he gets more out of the new theme and is able to get even more out of his WordPress portfolio site.

Lauren Deane Evans (of Good Looking Ideas) designed the layout to showcase Gil’s work. Easy-to-find recent posts as well as a robust sidebar navigation to allow the visitor to sift through Gil’s site to find what they need. Speaking of finding, the search box is large and accessible and hopefully helpful for visitors to the site.

Zeimer's Advertising Shoppe upgrades to WOO Themes Canvas

Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe upgrades to WOO Themes Canvas