For months, I’ve been wanting to use the Extended Profile data (from the userextra plugin, comments) to show a list of members on a post/page. I wanted more than just Firstname Lastname, Email, ICQ, etc. I wanted Address, City, Favorite Vegetable, whatever. After finding this code and then this bit of PHP to pull the data, I got it! This will be a huge help for member sites to show the members and some of their info (can hide this page to non-members, of course). Also, the email listed is encoded, so at least some spammers won’t get it. Now, onto formatting …

Update: I’ve combined a few plugins (Author Profile, UserExtra) so that a user site can have a Roster page (a list of members (e.g. Editors, Subscribers, etc.). Here’s a video showing the user how they can update their information.

Here’s the “members-1.php” file I’m using to show the fields. I use a page template so the PHP doesn’t get messed up with WYSIWYG editors. It’s zipped:


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