Just add the featured images and voilà: slider!

Avada multiple featured images

Avada multiple featured images

Usually you’d need a plugin or maybe your theme has some built-in slider functions. I accidentally stumbled on Avada’s multiple featured images that turns them into a slider at the top of your post.

There are so many features in this theme, they’re hard to keep track of. This one, I just found by accidentally adding a second featured image and it created a slider on the top of the post.

The funny thing is that clients often request these simple sliders at the top of pages and you usually have to go through quite a few tricks with a slider plugin or maybe build a slider using the theme’s slider function, give it the right category, then choose that page (post?) to display it on.

But no, just add a few featured images and call it a day. I haven’t looked into more functions of the simple slider, but I’m not terribly interested, I just wanted a simple slider and Avada delivers.

Try Avada out for yourself.