You can risk things with cheap hosting or just get solid hosting and not have to pay later.

We’ve built hundreds and hundreds of WordPress websites here at Likoma. Many, many sites have been hacked or down or virus infected. It’s not fun. It’s not fun for us, for you, for the hosting company. It’s pretty much only fun for the Turkish anti-government hacker groups that put up weird images of skulls and have slogans that no one understands.

Pay now or pay later? If you pay now, you’re safe. If you want to pay less now and the chance of more later, roll the dice.

There are just a few precautions that can really make life easier down the road. You know the kinds of decisions that later you have to remind yourself that you made because you never have to think about them. Did you catch that? When you skimp on services and quality to save a few bucks, chances are you will regret it later and probably calculate, quietly, how much you really had saved over the past months or years compared with the immediate emergency costs you’re shelling out now.

Yeah, it’s not fun.

So what’s good WordPress hosting? Here’s a good Managed WordPress hosting deal we like.