I want to love Divi, I do. But I’m struggling on our first date.

Dear Divi, can't you do this? The other date I had could do this.

Dear Divi, can’t you do this? The other date I had could do this. Don’t make me go back to her.

Granted, it’s our first date. Things will get better, right? I’ll give it some time, I’ll call back (I swear) and we’ll get things worked out.

I’m just going to come out and say what’s on my mind: it’s the archives. The search results, the category index pages. There are no options. If I go to this page (say, a category about traveling through Home Exchange), I want to see a nice grid or clean and easy-to-read list of the posts in that category.

Now, now, dear, I know what you’re going to say. “Just create a page and then put a module for blog posts in the travel category in there.” I understand, but I have so many categories and I don’t want a page for my categories, I just want my categories. Oh dear, is there no hope for us?

What? There’s some code? Oh yes, your forums gave me some code to kinda sorta make a grid-like option, but it doesn’t look very clean, it has the entire post’s contents (really long) and I can’t choose the number of columns or, well, can’t choose anything because I’m back to custom code and I told you when we were¬†choosing a place to go that I was done with custom code. I want to be flexible, but I don’t want to be dumb.

Masonry Madness

I know I'm showing off, but just have a look at this masonry.

I know I’m showing off, but just have a look at this masonry. [Enfold theme]

Now I don’t like comparing and don’t want to be the guy who says, “Well, my last date¬†was like this.” Because then she’ll get snotty and say, “Well, then just go back to her! Just leave me! I’ll be fine without you. Just fine!”

But this is just a beautiful category display. Masonry gone wild. There’s even a filter at the top with all of the categories and when you click on one, just those categories show up. I mean, sure, this is usually with a portfolio, but my sites and those of my clients often have lots of posts in lots of categories. That’s what got me into this whole conversation in the first place.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe you’re just meant for someone who doesn’t have a ton of posts and categories and content. Just a few beautifully designed pages and a few posts here and there. No search, no archives, no glut of categories.

I’ll hold on, Dearest Divi. Your background, your crew at Elegant Themes are darlings and have been for a decade. I know these hot new things on the market might be gone tomorrow and I’ll come crawling back to you, but …