Unlike pages or posts, there are no revisions or even a trash for the menu system in WordPress.

A dear client who’s quite handy within WordPress accidentally deleted the entire navigation. It’s actually not that hard to do and I actually don’t know how to back it up.

I was creating a new menu item, and somehow managed to delete the entire Menus structure. I do not see an easy way to roll back to an earlier version – can you please help asap?

With Managed WordPress Hosting, you can restore automated daily backups with a single click.

With Managed WordPress Hosting, you can restore automated daily backups with a single click.

I told him we had a few options:

  1. Rebuild: manually rebuild the menu structure. If it’s just a few pages, it’s easy. But they had many pages, sub-pages and worse, a fancy pants Mega Menu implementation complete with images. Ouch. Yeah, that’ll take a while. Or we’ll piece it together for you and bill hourly. Cost? Maybe $200 or $300 for your mistake.
  2. Build a new one: sure, not ideal, but it’s easy to click, drag and drop a few pages in Menus.
  3. Restore a daily backup: if you use Managed WordPress Hosting, there are daily backups with single click restore. Let me repeat that because it’s just ridiculously easier than steps 1 or 2: daily backups with single click restore. Sure, if you had made 47 edits between yesterday and now, you’ll less in luck, but you can weigh what’s more work to restore.

Dear WordPress user, I cannot emphasize how important this is. Let’s not call it important, let’s call it joy or relief or champagne. Because that’s what you’re going to feel when you know you have that going for you.

Or you can have hosting that doesn’t have daily backups with easy restore. Most non-managed WordPress hosting companies, by the way, do not have an easy restore system. Even backup solutions like a Likoma favorite BackupBuddy doesn’t have the super easiest restore feature. It’s just not that whole one-click, thank you, ma’am restoration.

This was a minor thing: a deleted menu. Just wait ’till the fun starts with hacking, viruses, and other shut-down-your-site-in-a-jiffy problems. Then that one-click restore is … joy.

Managed WordPress Hosting through Likoma. One-click restoration.

Managed WordPress Hosting through Likoma. One-click restoration.

All Managed WordPress Hosting Plans Include

  • 1,000’s of themes and plugins
  • One-click migration tool
  • sFTP access to WordPress files
  • Nightly backups and one-click site restore
  • Redundant firewalls, malware scanning and DDoS protection
  • Daily backups & 1 click restore
  • Automatic WordPress Core Updates
  • Temporary website address
  • One-click SSL installation
  • Localized in 37 countries and 17 languages
  • Premium WordPress Hosting Platform
  • Award-winning 24/7 support
  • Free domain with annual plan