I’m starting to use PodPress because I like the fancy-but-simple player. However, uploading is not straightforward. Here’s a quickie help video on PodPress.

Here’s a description.

  1. Audio files under 8 MB
    If your audio files are under about 8 MB, you can use the “Upload” feature in the editing page of WordPress. Refresh (or Save and Continue Editing) that post and then in the PodPress “Add Media File” drop down options, you should see your file listed.
  2. Audio files over 8 MB
    If you’re having trouble uploading large files, you’ll probably need to use an FTP program (I like FileZilla). You’ll want to get your login information and then find the /wp-content/uploads/ directory (folder) and upload your MP3’s there. Then refresh the WP editing page and you should see the file available.