I don’t want to read the manual.

I don't want to learn it.

Is Squarespace more expensive than WordPress?

Is it apples and apples?

Does the popularity game really matter in the WordPress theme world?

It's not so much the number of downloads as the number of die-hard fans.

Looking for better SEO traffic to your site? Share the Love.

Are you properly shouting out to your favorite products and services?

Divi’s global templates sync your content automatically!

Change one, automatically updated everywhere!

These are the must-have design elements to look for in your next eCommerce theme.

What will it take to create a simplified checkout experience with this theme?

Who ya gonna call?

When your site is down and your developer finally did move to Europe?

GoDaddy acquires Manage WP and now WP Curve. What gives?

Is GoDaddy up to something awesome?

5 sliders! 8 styles of block quotes! 829 fonts! 27 header layouts! Unlimited configurations!

It could drive you crazy. No, really.

Is the best WordPress backup solution … no backup solution?

You can deal with it yourself or make it completely out of sight, out of mind.

Can we name our company anything we want if it’s the greatest name ever?

If you have a story behind it, it might just work.

Gravity Forms vs. Google Forms

There's one feature Google Forms doesn't have.


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