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Unlimited small WordPress jobs for $79 per month.

How do you define, exactly, unlimited?

Oh no! Brute Force Amplification Attacks Against WordPress

Do we really need to care what that is?

So you’d like to blog, then podcast about the blog, monetize the podcast with a course that has a membership component, accept PayPal and credit cards and invite affiliates to help market your services. Uh huh.

Is there something to help online businesses?

License Manager for WOO Commerce

Need sequential code delivery?

Squarespace Site Hacked!

Does it even happen?

Migrating from cPanel to Managed WordPress Hosting

The one-click migration worked! Well, after 3 clicks.

Simple Page Ordering: Drag and Drop Your WordPress Pages

Easily rearrange your WordPress page order through drag and drop.

Don’t be the easiest target for WordPress hackers.

Don't give the hacker the easy way in.

Switching from BackupBuddy to Updraft Plus

Bye bye BackupBuddy, hello Updraft Plus Backup.

Tech Tip: Sleep On It

Stop trying, go to bed, wake up. Get it done.

Should you auto-update plugins and themes?

Is your site ready for automatic updates of everything?

How to Learn Online Marketing in San Francisco? Introducing: Timelapse.

Never. Stop. Learning. This statement is more and more true in today’s knowledge economy, and we think it particularly applies to online marketing! That is definitely a very fast-changing field. How do you do that? Conferences are expensive. The quality of free online resources varies a lot. Online trainings are usually quite basic, and it’s [...]

50% Off Google Apps for Work Coupon

50% off of Google Apps? It's going to go fast.

Don’t Fight with your WordPress Theme

Your theme will never lose.

Increase memory limits on GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress hosting

Even with managed WordPress hosting, you can increase your PHP memory.


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