How to Learn Online Marketing in San Francisco? Introducing: Timelapse.

How to Learn Online Marketing in San Francisco? Introducing: Timelapse.

Never. Stop. Learning.

This statement is more and more true in today’s knowledge economy, and we think it particularly applies to online marketing! That is definitely a very fast-changing field.

How do you do that? Conferences are expensive. The quality of free online resources varies a lot. Online trainings are usually quite basic, and it’s difficult to make the time to follow them. We’d like to introduce you to a company and partner of Likoma called Timelapse, who came up with a new concept and launched 1-day hands-on marketing workshops. It’s in-person, in San Francisco, in small groups, it’s interactive and fun. The best way to learn if you ask us.

“Timelapse was launched to give marketers and entrepreneurs in San Francisco a new way to learn and master online marketing. We strongly believe marketers need to acquire advanced strategic and technical skills to develop their companies and thrive in their roles” says Olivier Roth, Founder at Timelapse.

Timelapse’s courses are designed for marketers or entrepreneurs wanting to expand their online marketing skill set. They are 1-day workshops, focused on different skills such as SEO, copywriting, social media, online advertising, Google Adwords, and more.

They offer in-person classes to maximize learning and interaction. This is a very hands-on format where you’ll learn from the trainer, but also apply the learnings directly in the class, which is useful as you can interact with the trainer at any time for help and questions.

Trainers have more than 10 years experience in their field, serving organizations like Microsoft, HackReaktor, Google, Stanford, and large digital marketing agencies.

Here are a few of their workshops that we strongly invite you to check out!

  • Content | Leverage Copywriting to Maximize Your Impact: Kevin Lynch, Senior Copywriter at Swirl / Microsoft, hosts a full-day content marketing training. He presents professional copywriting techniques and best practices. Attendees can strengthen the impact of headlines, ads, blogs and marketing materials, and ensure that their brand is speaking in a distinct and unified voice.
  • Enterprise SEO | Scale Up Your SEO Strategy: Andreas Ramos, Former Manager of Global SEO at Cisco, hosts an Enterprise SEO Training with Timelapse. Andreas Ramos is Former Manager of Global SEO at Cisco where he was leading SEO for 43 languages and 84 countries. He evangelized SEO methods for Cisco teams around the globe. This class will help high-level marketers implement enterprise-level SEO processes, and leverage SEO throughout branding, public relations, and content marketing.
  • Social | Successful & Time-Saving Social Media Management: Brand Creative & Social Media Expert Anna Colibri hosts a social media workshop with Timelapse. Attendees will learn how to use social media time efficiently and effectively on the Big Seven social media platforms, and how to analyze the results of their work so you feel confident their efforts are paying off.
  • PPC | Build and Optimize Profitable Adwords Campaigns: Google Adwords Expert John Fawkes hosts a Google Adwords workshop with Timelapse. Students learn to build and manage effective Google Adwords campaigns utilizing both the search and display networks.
  • SEO | Outrank Your Competition With Advanced SEO: Cort Tafoya, SEO, SEM & Content Marketing Expert, hosts a full-day SEO workshop. Cort Tafoya presents the latest and most successful SEO techniques, review insightful SEO case studies, and facilitate interactive workshops.
50% Off Google Apps for Work Coupon

50% Off Google Apps for Work Coupon

A full 50 percent off of Google apps — up to 100 users!

50% off Google Apps for Work Coupon

50% off Google Apps for Work Coupon

Let’s do the math:

$50 per user per year would be $25 per user per year. If you have 100 users, that would save you $25 x 100 = $2,500 in savings. For each user, you’re saving $25 per year.

You’re asking yourself, “OK, what’s the catch?” Here’s the catch:

I only have two of these coupon codes. If you just want to get an immediate code to save $10 per user per year, you can head over to our automated system to get an immediate Google Apps Coupon Code.

In order to save you the most (total) for you for the year, we’re going to give these two codes away to the visitors with the most users specified in the form below. Just fill out the form below with your name, email, number of users and domain you plan to use for Google Apps and we’ll choose the highest number of users and send you the codes by the deadline of a few days from now Midnight PST on Friday, June 19, 2015 (the end of Friday).

  • Type in the number of users you'll be signing up for.

Again, if you don’t want to wait, you can go get 20% off right now.

Get more work done from anywhere on any device with Google Apps for Work. It includes:

  • Gmail: Get an email address with your domain name such as
  • Google Drive: Easily share files using online storage
  • Google Calendar: Choose to share your online calendars publicly or just within your company
  • Google Docs: Collaborate with others in the same document at the same time and avoid version control issues
Don’t Fight with your WordPress Theme

Don’t Fight with your WordPress Theme

You will lose.

A client asked how he could make some more space below some text after the excerpt on a page of posts. The answer is … not pretty. That would involve some CSS (cascading style sheet) to a file in the theme or maybe just change some CSS to alter the space after the posts.

OK, not kidding, even just contemplating this makes me queasy.

But hey, I’m a recovering programmer. I try to no longer customize code. No longer break into what’s already working–and usually working quite well.

The thing with customizing someone else’s code is that it’s a bit like lying: you have to remember what you lied about so you don’t get caught up in your lies later on. If you just tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything special, you just have to continue to tell the truth. But when you like, OK, OK, you get the idea.

Take updating the theme. If you changed something like that padding question above after the post(s) on an archive or index page, you’d have to remember what you did (or what someone else did) and then either save your changes and put them back or just do them over or, if you really know what you’re doing, make your changes to a child theme so that when you update the theme it doesn’t break everything.

But you have to take a step back and think about it. It just took me 10 minutes to write up this bit about code. It’s going to take your programmer, I don’t know, at least 10 minutes (bus possibly 100 minutes) to make the changes. Then later, when you’re going to update the theme, you’ll need to contact your programmer to ask if it’s OK to update the theme. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Just stop lying. Just don’t make the change.

I know, I know, I’m so closed minded! Not open to change an opportunity! No, I’m future proofing things. I’m giving us some rest from the time wasting of the future when we have to do things like remember and contact and hope and cross fingers and back up and stress. If you don’t make the change, there’s nothing to worry about.

See how much time, energy and stress I’ve saved you? Feels good, doesn’t it. Now go do something more creating than thinking about changing a little bit of code with all of that free time. That will be more productive, effective and efficient anyway.

Increase memory limits on GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress hosting

Increase memory limits on GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress hosting

GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress hosting is fast, reliable and inexpensive. But you can tweak a few things to make it even better.

Increase WordPress Memory Limit for Avada

Increase WordPress Memory Limit for Avada

We’re using the amazing Avada theme on several sites at the moment and it comes with an easy-to-read System Status page that gives you all kinds of details that … you shouldn’t really care about. I mean, really, who cares about this stuff? WordPress environment and memory loads, PHP time limits and PHP Max Input Vars. What is that stuff? No one cares until you get little warnings in red that say that things aren’t quite as good as you hoped they were.

We’re using GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting, which has been a great value for the money, but Avada’s System Status page was giving us a few red warnings. It took some hunting, but we managed to fix them.

Fixing the “WP Memory Limit” and “PHP Time Limit” warnings

  1. Create a .user.ini file
  2. Add this code: max_input_vars = 5000
  3. Place it in your root folder (e.g. public_html)
  4. Save file

Fix the “PHP Time Limit” and “PHP Max Input Vars” warnings

Add these lines to your wp-config.php

define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '96M' );


Note that it took some hours (I checked the next day) before the change kicked in.

Eventually, our System Status page looks happy with green numbers instead of red.

Increase WordPress Memory Limit for Avada

Increase WordPress Memory Limit for Avada

WordPress home page is fine, but all interior pages are giving 404 error.

WordPress home page is fine, but all interior pages are giving 404 error.

There’s an easy fix … if you know where to look.

It seems this just gets out of whack and needs a little, well, whack to fix. Maybe it’s like the old TV with the rabbit ears and you just had to give it a whack on the side to make it work again. OK, I’m dating myself …

When your home page is loading fine, but all interior pages are giving you a 404 error, it’s probably the permalink structure. The permalink structure is how the URL is built. So it’s either or or something like that. For this fix, it doesn’t matter what you’re using, you just need to click save changes.

You don’t need to make any changes or do anything other than click Save Changes. I’ll write out the steps just in case people look through this post searching for a numbered list How To (I know I do that).

Here are the steps to fix for your 404 errors for all interior WordPress pages:

  1. Go to Settings –> Permalinks
  2. Click Save Changes.

That’s it. No, really. That’s all you have to do. If that doesn’t fix it then … I don’t know what’s wrong.

All pages but the homepage throw 404 error. Easy fix.

All pages but the homepage throw 404 error. Easy fix.

Coupon Codes for Google Apps

Coupon Codes for Google Apps

Fill in the form, check out, receive the code in your email.

Please note: these codes are only valid in the United States. If you are outside of the United States, these codes will not work.

I used to have the codes in a spreadsheet, but I’m trying to make it easier for you to get the codes and for me to help manage them. Please just click the button below, fill in your email and you’ll get the code to that email. That’s it! Thank you for visiting.

Google Apps for Work Coupon

IMPORTANT: it’s not that easy to figure out exactly where you have to put the coupon code! Here’s help: where to put your coupon code once you’ve signed up with Google Apps for Work.

You can read below for how I used to do this.


I’m using Google Apps to share … Coupon Codes for Google Apps

I set up a shared Google Doc to share some Google Apps coupon codes. Let's see how this works.

I set up a shared Google Doc to share some Google Apps coupon codes. Let’s see how this works.

I have lots of Google Apps for Work coupon codes to share. But I just have a list of them and I don’t know how best to share them. I’ve been just emailing them to people who request them, but I can’t keep up with the demand and I feel bad that I might not respond so quickly and I’m going to bet people want to sign up right then and there.

Let’s test the ingenuity of my visitors.

So I’m trying an experiment. I’m going to share a link to an editable Google Sheet where I’ll list a limited number of the Google Apps for Work coupon codes and hope that people will just take the coupon code they need, insert a date and a note so that I know that code is being used.

So, if you’re ready to get your code, follow the link from the button below and just:

  1. Copy the code from the spreadsheet
  2. Enter the date.
  3. Enter a note if you’d like.
  4. Please don’t delete the other codes or share them elsewhere.

That’s it! Here’s the link. Thanks for visiting.


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