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  • All pages but the homepage throw 404 error. Easy fix.

WordPress home page is fine, but all interior pages are giving 404 error.

It's a one-click fix. Yay for those!

  • I set up a shared Google Doc to share some Google Apps coupon codes. Let's see how this works.

Coupon Codes for Google Apps

I can't pass the Google Apps Coupon Codes out fast enough. Let's see if this system works.

  • Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted

Get this nasty message? I might have a solution.

  • liko-516-google-coupon-codes

How to sequentially distribute a list of coupon codes?

How do you share unique coupon codes?

  • With Managed WordPress Hosting, you can restore automated daily backups with a single click.

Oops, I deleted the entire navigation structure in WordPress! Help!

Automated daily backups solve this problem.

  • Forget iPhone's video player and syncing with iTunes. Just use Dropbox.

iPhone 6 can’t play your MP4 files? Here’s a video player you might not have thought of.

I have a solution, but it's so simple, I'm afraid it won't work (but it does).

  • Congratulations that you passed the Google Mobile-Friendly Test!
  • Didn't pass the Google Mobile-Friendly Test? No problem, there's an easy fix.

Does Your Site Pass the Google Mobile-Friendly Test?

Is your site mobile friendly?

  • Having way too much fun with new Avada theme.

Should you use fun website design elements just … because they’re fun?

Are you allowed to have so much fun with building a website?

  • Can your site be too custom?

“My WordPress website has been customized to the point that no one can work on it.”

Custom code is awesome ... if you're a coder.

  • Featured images in Avada
  • Featured images in Avada
  • Featured images in Avada

Multiple Featured Images in Avada Creates Slider

Sliders are easy to create with Avada.

  • If you don't use contacts, don't care about old email and are ready to switch email hosts, it can be a snap! If not, then, well, not.

Switching email hosts can be easy! Or a nightmare.

Switching email hosts can be like moving houses. Smooth or rough.

  • Custom code is great ... if you're a custom coder.

The Case Against Custom Software

Are you a custom coder?

  • Truly drag and drop visual builder makes creating layouts ... fun.

Getting acquainted with Fusion Builder

Drag-and-drop visual editor in the Avada theme is easy and fun to use.

  • Fresh and alive support from a real live human when you're deep in the forest of email support.

Google Apps for Work Support

24/7 phone support for Google Apps for Work.

  • If you used all features from a theme, might you learn something about your business?

Can you describe an aspect of your business in 4 numbers?

Pretend you don't know your business and see what you learn.


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