Help with software in general (not necessarily website or design software)

CSS Gradient Generator

Using CSS gradients, you can get that slick Photoshopped look without the images or even Photoshop.

WordPress Auto Install on GoDaddy

With GoDaddy's Deluxe Hosting, you can set up an unlimited amount of websites. Using their auto installer for WordPress, you can have your WordPress site up in under ten minutes.

Mail Chimp

Great stats, easy-to-use editor to create your newsletter, love the backend interface, and, well, yeah, funny monkeys hanging around. Also, like Vertical Response, they don't force you to do a monthly plan, but you can pay per recipient only when you send a newsletter.


I shied away from online backup because I have backup drives scattered around the house, the office, I make DVDs once in a while, I have portable backup drives, and ach, I'd only lose a few days' work anyway, right? Well, yeah, as long as you really do back up regularly. And as long as your house or office don't burn down or get robbed.

Overnight Prints

I've been using Overnight Prints for years because of their thick business cards and high quality printing. Graphic designers I work with use Overnight Prints for business cards, clients have ordered business cards as well as postcards.

Browser Shots

A client said her site looked wonky in Internet Explorer 5.5. Of course, my first reaction is, "Internet Explorer 5.5? Well ... " But I was determined to see if it'd be an easy fix. Otherwise, I'd tell her that 0.00238% of the population uses that browser and ... " You get the idea. The [...]

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